Mount Elizabeth Hospital provides diverse medical expertise within reach of International patients

In certain conditions, patients need or opt to get support from healthcare facilities in another country. Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore aids its international patients, including from the Philippines, to access its services and experience its various medical expertise.

The process of going overseas can be a struggle at times, which could further concern the patients and the families and relatives looking after them. Mount Elizabeth Hospital understands and addresses this challenge by going the extra mile for its patients residing abroad through its Patient Assistance Center.

Through the Patient Assistance Center in the Philippines, Filipinos can reach the world-class medical care and off-shore medical treatment that Mount Elizabeth Hospital could provide, which can also bring peace of mind for the patients.

The hospital houses up-to-date technologies and a diverse mix of skilled specialists across a wide variety of medical fields. One of its specialist clinics is the Asian Heart & Vascular Centre (AHVC).

The team at AHVC has cardiologists who hold experience in handling several cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery disease, heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death, heart valve problems (valvular heart disease), adult congenital heart disease, and sports cardiology.

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Source: Business world