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The triclip is a percutaneous treatment ( non surgical) for severe tricuspid valve regurgitation (leaking) . The tricuspid valve leaks when the leaflets of the valve are unable to contact or close tightly. This clip works by grasping the leaflets together and tightening the valve thus enabling better closure and reducing the leakage

The procedure is done under general anesthesia with transesophageal echocardiographic guidance ( ultrasound)

A tube is first placed in the patient’s thigh, following this, the clip, which is smaller than the size of a coin is delivered to the tricuspid valve leaflets. The clip is initially opened just beneath the valve to allow the valve leaflets to rest on the clip arms. Once this occurs, a grasping mechanism is activated and the clip is closed. More than 1 clip may be necessary in some cases.

As this procedure is percutaneous, recovery time is shorter compared to surgery.

A recent trial ( Triluminate trial) comparing this treatment with medications has confirmed that clipping this valve leads to quantifiable improvement in the patient’s symptoms and quality of life.

Picture source: Abbott

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